COBIT® 2019 Certification (US-EN-3856)

Instructor-Led Course - Exam Included View Schedule REGISTER                 What is included in the course:    Explore the Course 14 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Training Training Material Real-World Simulations and Activities Comprehensive Exam Support Course Information Price Course Objectives Course Content Exam Information Course Delivery Group discounts and private corporate courses are available. CONTACT US Course Information Audience Stakeholder with responsibilities for the governance and management of enterprise information and technology Prerequisite None Duration 2 days Dates Refer to the session dates below   Schedules 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. | break | 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. EST The learning platform is accessible 24/7 Technical support and pedagogical assistance are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 1.877.770.6699, or by email here Location Video conference course on Teams or Zoom. We accommodate students with special requirements. Simply click on the following button to fill out the form and we will contact you to understand your needs and make arrangements.     CONTACT US Price Course Price Price of the online training, including the exam:   1700,00  Group Discount Available Upon Request Do you have a group that would like to take this training? We offer a discount for groups of two people or more for public courses. Also, we can provide this course to a private corporate group with a discount. For private classes, this course can also be offered over 6 half-day sessions.  Finally, IT Chapter alumni enjoy a 10% discount for all instructor-led courses Simply call us, chat with us, or email us and we will contact you to make sure your learning needs are met Call us Email us                                                 1.877.770.6699   Click here Course Objectives At the end of this course, you will be able to: Recognize the context, benefits and key reasons COBIT is used as an information and technology governance framework. Explain the key attributes of the COBIT framework Key attributes Product family Alignment with industry frameworks Compare the COBIT principles for governance system framework. Describe the components of a governance system: Governance and management objectives Components of the governance system Focus areas Design factors Goals cascade Describe the elements of governance and management objectives. Differentiate COBIT based performance management using maturity and capability perspectives. Discover how to design a tailored governance system using COBIT. Explain the key points of the COBIT business case. Describe the relationships between the COBIT Design and Implementation Guides. Prepare for the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam. Course Content Content Summary of the Course COBIT® 2019 is a best-practice framework developed and promoted to assist in the process of understanding, designing and implementing enterprise governance of IT (EGIT). It builds on and integrates more than 25 years of development in this field, not only incorporating new insights from science, but also operationalizing these insights as practice. This course will dive into the heart and structure of the COBIT® framework. What is in it for you? You will learn about: Recognize the context, benefits and key reasons COBIT® is used as an information and technology governance framework Explain the key attributes of the COBIT® framework Compare the COBIT® principles for governance system framework Describe the components of a governance system Describe the elements of governance and management objectives Differentiate COBIT® based performance management using maturity and capability perspectives Discover how to design a tailored governance system using COBIT® Explain the key points of the COBIT® business case Describe the relationships between the COBIT® Design and Implementation Guides Prepare for the COBIT® 2019 Foundation exam Course Plan Course Introduction Course Description Learning objectives Intended Audience Course Modules Exam Requirements Framework Introduction Enterprise Governance of Information and Technology COBIT as an I&T Framework COBIT Format and Product Architecture Major Differences between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019 COBIT and Other Standards Training and Certification Group Discussion Questions Module Summary Sample Question Principles Governance “System” Principles Governance “Framework” Principles Module Summary Sample Question Governance Systems and Components Governance and Management Objectives Components of a Governance System Focus Areas Design Factors Goals Cascade Group Exercise Scenario Module Summary Sample Question Governance and Management Objectives Overview of the COBIT Core Model Governance and Management Objectives Purpose Statements Governance and Management Objectives Related Guidance Exercise Module Summary Sample Question Performance Management Performance Management Definition, Principles and Overview Managing Performance of Processes Managing Performance of Other Governance System Components Module Summary Sample Question Designing a Tailored Governance System Introduction to designing a tailored governance system Impact of design factors Designing a tailored system Module Summary Sample Question Getting Started with COBIT: Making the Case Making a Case for Getting Started Overview of the COBIT Business Case Example Scenario Module Summary Sample Question Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT Implementation Guide Purpose and Scope Implementation Steps Design Guide and Implementation Guide Relationships Module Summary Sample Question Closing Course Summary Exam Information Multiple choice format, closed book Online proctored exam 75 questions 120 minutes duration Pass mark is 65% Course Delivery Monitoring and Evaluating Results Follow-up of the Execution IT Chapter certificate of participation (downloadable) mentioning the course title and the duration will be available to participants immediately upon completion of the course Students will be able to download the actual certificate from the examination institution portal within 48 hours upon successfully passing an exam Assessment of Results Individual collection of the trainee's expectations Self-evaluation questionnaire at the beginning and end of the course Continuous evaluation during the session via quizzes at the end of each module Delivery of a certificate at the end of the training (upon request) Satisfaction survey at the end of the course Learning Management System Teaching methods Participant's manual in secure PDF format (provided by IT Chapter). Short videos of the trainer available online (asynchronous) 7 x Checklists. Syllabus. Assessment of the participant's needs and profile prior to the training. Theoretical input grouped into different modules. Quizzes, knowledge tests and validation of acquired knowledge. Educational sequences grouped into different modules. Individualized access thanks to a login and a password per learner, allowing control and evaluation by the pedagogical guides from a platform specially designed for e-learning. Technical means The e-learning platform is the tool that allows the participant to complete his preparation. The entire training content is divided into modules. Access to the training material is possible upon registration, in a fast and efficient way. Access to the platform is obtained after creating an account. The training content is accessible from the platform from several types of devices such as computers, smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets and other smart devices.  The learning platform allows you to attempt the mock exams, quiz, see the results, progress, complete surveys and download the certificate of participation. It also allows you to chat with the trainer Educational Reference and Trainer The course is under the responsibility of IT Chapter training department and can be reached by email at contact us The trainer is accredited by the respective accreditation body and can be contacted here